Customizable Applets
Belief and Decision Networks

Sample Applets:

    - All features disabled
    - All features enabled

    - Verbose query mode

<applet> Tag:

<applet codebase=".."
width=950 height=600 ALT="AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?" >
        <param name="filename" value="">
        <param name="popMenu" value="on">
        <param name="messagePanel" value="on">
        <param name="border" value="on">
        <param name="textRepresentationPopup" value="on">
        <param name="verboseQueryMode" value="off">
        <param name="mode" value="decision">
        <param name="query" value="prompt">
        <param name="addNoForgettingArcsButton" value="on">
        <param name="addNoForgettingArcsPopup" value="on">
        <param name="independenceQuizButton" value="on">
        <param name="independenceQuizPopup" value="on">
        <param name="makeObservationButton" value="on">
        <param name="makeObservationPopup" value="on">
        <param name="optimizeDecisionsButton" value="on">
        <param name="optimizeDecisionsPopup" value="on">
        <param name="PeQueryButton" value="on">
        <param name="PeQueryPopup" value="on">
        <param name="queryButton" value="on">
        <param name="queryPopup" value="on">
        <param name="selectButton" value="on">
        <param name="toggleMonitoringButton" value="on">
        <param name="toggleMonitoringPopup" value="on">
        <param name="viewModifyDecisionButton" value="on">
        <param name="viewProbabilityTableButton" value="on">
        <param name="viewProbabilityTablePopup" value="on">
        AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?




Default Value

Other Values

filename Load a file from URL none insert URL
popMenu Enable the popup menu on off
messagePanel Enable the message panel off on
border Draw applet border off on
textRepresentationPopup Enable text representation popup menu items off on
verboseQueryMode Start the applet in verbose query mode off optimizeDecisions, name of node to query
mode Set the graph to belief or decision mode depends on loaded file belief, decision
query Set the query mode prompt verbose, brief
addNoForgettingArcsButton Enable the "Add No-forgetting Arcs" button off on
addNoForgettingArcsPopup Enable the "Add No-forgetting Arcs" popup menu item off on
independenceQuizButton Enable the "Independence Quiz" button off on
independenceQuizPopup Enable the "Independence Quiz" popup menu item off on
makeObservationButton Enable the "Make Observation" button off on
makeObservationPopup Enable the "Make Observation" popup menu item off on
optimizeDecisionsButton Enable the "Optimize Decisions" button off on
optimizeDecisionsPopup Enable the "Optimize Decisions" popup menu item off on
PeQueryButton Enable the "P(e) Query" button off on
PeQueryPopup Enable the "P(e) Query" popup menu item off on
queryButton Enable the "Query" button off on
queryPopup Enable the "Query" popup menu item off on
selectButton Enable the "Select" button off on
toggleMonitoringButton Enable the "Toggle Monitoring" button off on
toggleMonitoringPopup Enable the "Toggle Monitoring" popup menu item off on
viewModifyDecisionButton Enable the "View/Modify Decision" button off on
viewProbabilityTableButton Enable the "View Probability Table" button off on
viewProbabilityTablePopup Enable the "View Probability Table" popup menu item off on
autoscale Automatically autoscale when first loading a problem on off

Function Calls:

<a> Tag

<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].PeQuery(); return false;">P(e) query</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].addNoForgettingArcs(); return false;">add no-forgetting arcs</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].optimizeDecisions(); return false;">optimize decisions</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].independenceQuiz(); return false;">independence quiz</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoscale(); return false;">autoscale</a>

Sample Problem URLs:

Belief Networks


Fire Alarm Belief Network
Simple Diagnostic Example
Simple Graph
Conditional Independence Quiz
Car Starting Problem
Electrical Diagnosis Problem
Diagnosis Problem
Hailfinder Belief Net

Decision Networks

Delivery Decision
Simple Umbrella Decision
Fire Alarm Decision Problem
Car Buying Decision
Graph Searching
Consistency for CSPs
SLS for CSPs
Belief Networks
Decision Trees
Neural Networks

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