Customizable Applets
Consistency Based CSP Solver

Sample Applets:

    - All features disabled
    - All features enabled

<applet> Tag:

<applet codebase=".."
        width=600 height=500 ALT="AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?" >
        <param name="filename" value="">
        <param name="popMenu" value="off">
        <param name="messagePanel" value="on">
        <param name="border" value="on">
        <param name="textRepresentationPopup" value="on">
        <param name="speed" value="fast">
        <param name="splittingHistory" value="on">
        <param name="domainSplitClick" value="off">
        <param name="constraintPropertyClick" value="off">
        <param name="autoACButton" value="on">
        <param name="autoACPopup" value="on">
        <param name="autoSolveButton" value="on">
        <param name="autoSolvePopup" value="on">
        <param name="backtrackButton" value="on">
        <param name="backtrackPopup" value="on">
        <param name="finestepButton" value="on">
        <param name="fineStepPopup" value="on">
        <param name="resetButton" value="on">
        <param name="resetPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stepBackButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepBackPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stepButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stopButton" value="on">
        <param name="stopPopup" value="on">
        AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?




Default Value

Other Values

filename Load a file from URL none insert URL
popMenu Enable the popup menu on off
messagePanel Enable the message panel off on
border Draw applet border off on
textRepresentationPopup Enable text representation popup menu items off on
speed Set the arc-consistency speed fast slow, medium, veryFast
splittingHistory Show the domain-splitting history panel off on
domainSplitClick Enable clicking on a variable to split its domain on off
constraintPropertyClick Enable clicking on a constraint to view its properties on off
autoACButton Enable the "Auto Arc-Consistency" button off on
autoACPopup Enable the "Auto Arc-Consistency" popup menu item off on
autoSolveButton Enable the "AutoSolve" button off on
autoSolvePopup Enable the "AutoSolve" popup menu item off on
backtrackButton Enable the "Backtrack" button off on
backtrackPopup Enable the "Backtrack" popup menu item off on
finestepButton Enable the "Fine Step" button off on
fineStepPopup Enable the "Fine Step" popup menu item off on
resetButton Enable the "Reset" button off on
resetPopup Enable the "Reset" popup menu item off on
stepBackButton Enable the "Step Back" button off on
stepBackPopup Enable the "Step Back" popup menu item off on
stepButton Enable the "Step" button off on
stepPopup Enable the "Step" popup menu item off on
stopButton Enable the "Stop" button off on
stopPopup Enable the "Stop" popup menu item off on
autoscale Automatically autoscale when first loading a problem on off

Function Calls:

<a> Tag

<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].fineStep(); return false;">fine step</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].step(); return false;">step</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoArcConsistency(); return false;">auto arc-consistency</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoSolve(); return false;">autosolve</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].stop(); return false;">stop</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].stepBack(); return false;">step back</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].backtrack(); return false;">backtrack</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].reset(); return false;">reset</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoscale(); return false;">autoscale</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].arrangeConstraints(); return false;">arrange constraints</a>

Sample Problem URLs:



Simple Problem 1
Simple Problem 2
Scheduling Problem 1
Scheduling Problem 2
Crossword Problem 1
Crossword Problem 2
Five Queens Problem
Eight Queens Problem
Graph Searching
Consistency for CSPs
SLS for CSPs
Belief Networks
Decision Trees
Neural Networks

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