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Definite Clause Deduction

Sample Applets:

    - All features disabled
    - All features enabled

<applet> Tag:

<applet codebase=".."
        width=800 height=600 ALT="AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?" >
        <param name="filename" value="">
        <param name="popMenu" value="on">
        <param name="messagePanel" value="on">
        <param name="border" value="on">
        <param name="textRepresentationPopup" value="on">
        <param name="speed" value="fast">
        <param name="showAlgorithm" value="on">
        <param name="showKnowledgeBase" value="on">
        <param name="edgeDetail" value="showAllUnifiers">
        <param name="nodeDetail" value="atoms">
        <param name="algorithm" value="depthFirst">
        <param name="algorithmPopup" value="on">
        <param name="autoSearchButton" value="on">
        <param name="autoSearchPopup" value="on">
        <param name="createNewQueryButton" value="on">
        <param name="createNewQueryPopup" value="on">
        <param name="fineStepButton" value="on">
        <param name="fineStepPopup" value="on">
        <param name="inspectNodeButton" value="on">
        <param name="moveSubtreeButton" value="on">
        <param name="resetQueryButton" value="on">
        <param name="resetQueryPopup" value="on">
        <param name="selectNodeButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stopSearchButton" value="on">
        <param name="stopSearchPopup" value="on">
        <param name="viewProofDeductionButton" value="on">
        AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?




Default Value

Other Values

filename Load a file from URL none insert URL
popMenu Enable the popup menu on off
messagePanel Enable the message panel off on
border Draw applet border off on
textRepresentationPopup Enable text representation popup menu items off on
pathInfo Show the path information panel off on
showEdgeCosts Show edge costs off on
showNodeHeuristics Show node heuristics off on
showAlgorithm Display the algorithm currently selected in the bottom panel off on
showQuizResults Show quiz results in the path information panel off on
speed Set the auto search speed fast slow, medium, veryFast
showAlgorithm Display the algorithm currently selected in the bottom panel off on
showKnowledgeBase Show the knowledge base panel off on
edgeDetail Set the edge detail level showAllUnifiers noDetails, placeholders
nodeDetail Set the node detail level atoms numbers, yesClauses
algorithm Set the algorithm depthFirst breadthFirst, bestFirst,
heuristicDepthFirst , userDefined
query Create a new query none insert a query (separate multiple
queries with the character '&')
algorithmPopup Enable the "Deduction Algorithms" popup menu item off on
autoSearchButton Enable the "Auto Search" button off on
autoSearchPopup Enable the "Auto Search" popup menu item off on
createNewQueryButton Enable the "Create New Query" button off on
createNewQueryPopup Enable the "Create New Query" popup menu item off on
fineStepButton Enable the "Fine Step" button off on
fineStepPopup Enable the "Fine Step" popup menu item off on
inspectNodeButton Enable the "Inspect Node" button off on
moveSubtreeButton Enable the "Move Subtree" button off on
resetQueryButton Enable the "Reset Query" button off on
resetQueryPopup Enable the "Reset Query" popup menu item off on
selectNodeButton Enable the "Select Node" button off on
stepButton Enable the "Step" button off on
stepPopup Enable the "Step" popup menu item off on
stopSearchButton Enable the "Stop Search" button off on
stopSearchPopup Enable the "Stop Search" popup menu item off on
viewProofDeductionButton Enable the "View Proof Deduction" button off on

Function Calls:

<a> Tag

<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].createNewQuery(); return false;">create new query</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].fineStep(); return false;">fine step</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].step(); return false;">step</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoSearch(); return false;">auto search</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].stopSearch(); return false;">stop search</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].resetQuery(); return false;">reset query</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoscale(); return false;">autoscale</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].resetEdgeLabels(); return false;">reset edge labels</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].setAlgorithm('depthFirst'); return false;">depth first</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].setAlgorithm('breadthFirst'); return false;">breadth first</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].setAlgorithm('bestFirst'); return false;">best first</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].setAlgorithm('heuristicDepthFirst'); return false;">heuristic depth first</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].setAlgorithm('userDefined'); return false;">user defined</a>

Sample Problem URLs:



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