Carry out variable elimination for this inference problem. Specify the elimination ordering you are using. Show each step of your work.
  • The initial factors are given above. We can first do assignment. We assign the value false to paperDelivered. f3 is removed and a new factor f4(paperPrinted) is added. We can next sum out printingMalfunction, which removes factors f0 and f2. A new factor f5(endOfCivilization,paperPrinted) is added. If we next sum out paperPrinted, then f4 and f5 are removed and f6(endOfCivilization) is added. At this point we are left with just two factors, f1(endOfCivilization) and f6(endOfCivilization). Note that f1 corresponds to the prior for that variable. We then just need to multiply those final factors f1 and f6 to get f7 and normalize to get f8.

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