Customizable Applets
Neural Networks

Sample Applets:

    - All features disabled
    - All features enabled

<applet> Tag:

<applet codebase=".."
width=800 height=600 ALT="AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?" >
        <param name="filename" value="">
        <param name="popMenu" value="on">
        <param name="messagePanel" value="on">
        <param name="border" value="on">
        <param name="textRepresentationPopup" value="on">
        <param name="speed" value="fast">
        <param name="showColorKey" value="on">
        <param name="normalizeInputs" value="on">
        <param name="iterations" value="50">
        <param name="calculateOutputButton" value="on">
        <param name="calculateOutputPopup" value="on">
        <param name="initializeParametersButton" value="on">
        <param name="initializeParametersPopup" value="on">
        <param name="learningOptionsPopup" value="on">
        <param name="parameterInitializationOptionsPopup" value="on">
        <param name="showPlotButton" value="on">
        <param name="showPlotPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stepButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stepToTargetErrorButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepToTargetErrorPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stepXButton" value="on">
        <param name="stepXPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stopButton" value="on">
        <param name="stoppingConditionsPopup" value="on">
        <param name="stopPopup" value="on">
        <param name="summaryStatisticsButton" value="on">
        <param name="summaryStatisticsPopup" value="on">
        <param name="viewEditExamplesButton" value="on">
        <param name="viewEditExamplesPopup" value="on">
        AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?




Default Value

Other Values

filename Load a file from URL none insert URL
popMenu Enable the popup menu on off
messagePanel Enable the message panel off on
border Draw applet border off on
textRepresentationPopup Enable text representation popup menu items off on
speed Set the auto step speed fast slow, medium, veryFast
showColorKey Show the color key panel off on
normalizeInputs Enable input normalization off on
iterations Set the number of steps for the "Step X" button 50 number of steps
showParameters Show Parameter values on off
calculateOutputButton Enable the "Calculate Output" button off on
calculateOutputPopup Enable the "Calculate Output" popup menu item off on
initializeParametersButton Enable the "Initialize Parameters" button off on
initializeParametersPopup Enable the "Initialize Parameters" popup menu item off on
learningOptionsPopup Enable the "Learning Options" popup menu item off on
parameterInitializationOptionsPopup Enable the "Parameter Initialization Options" popup menu item off on
showPlotButton Enable the "Show Plot" button off on
showPlotPopup Enable the "Show Plot" popup menu item off on
stepButton Enable the "Step" button off on
stepPopup Enable the "Step" popup menu item off on
stepToTargetErrorButton Enable the "Step to Target Error" button off on
stepToTargetErrorPopup Enable the "Step to Target Error" popup menu item off on
stepXButton Enable the "Step X" button off on
stepXPopup Enable the "Step X" popup menu item off on
stopButton Enable the "Stop" button off on
stoppingConditionsPopup Enable the "Stopping Conditions" popup menu item off on
stopPopup Enable the "Stop" popup menu item off on
summaryStatisticsButton Enable the "Summary Statistics" button off on
summaryStatisticsPopup Enable the "Summary Statistics" popup menu item off on
viewEditExamplesButton Enable the "View/Edit Examples" button off on
viewEditExamplesPopup Enable the "View/Edit Examples" popup menu item off on
autoscale Automatically autoscale when first loading a problem on off

Function Calls:

<a> Tag

<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].viewEditExamples(); return false;">view/edit examples</a>

<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].initializeParameters(); return false;">initialize parameters</a>

<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].step(); return false;">step</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].stepX(); return false;">step X</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].stepToTargetError(); return false;">step to target error</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].stop(); return false;">stop</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].calculateOutput(); return false;">calculate output</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].showPlot(); return false;">show plot</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].summaryStatistics(); return false;">summary statistics</a>
<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].autoscale(); return false;">autoscale</a>

Sample Problem URLs:



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Mail Reading (simplified)
Assignment 12a
Assignment 12b
Boolean Example
Small Car Database
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Matching Pennies
Likes TV
Graph Searching
Consistency for CSPs
SLS for CSPs
Belief Networks
Decision Trees
Neural Networks

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