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Tutorial 3: Loading A Pre-existing Problem

The Planning Applet comes with several pre-defined examples to allow you to start working without having to create a problem yourself. To load an example file, go to the 'File' menu and select 'Load Sample Problem' A dialog box will open with a drop-down menu allowing you to select a particular example.

  • Simple Example: An example with only 2 blocks where the goal is to have the first block on the second.
  • Five Block Example: A more complex example with 5 blocks.
  • Sussman Anomaly: An example with 3 blocks which was originally considered anomalous, but can be sovled with the STRIPS algorithm.
  • Incorrect Axiomatization:
  • Better Axiomatization:
  • Impossible Example: An example with 2 blocks which can not be solved.

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