Robot Control

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dot Creating A Problem

Manually creating a map in this applet is straightforward. Click the 'Create' tab to change to create mode. To create a location for the robot to try and reach can be done by clicking the 'Create Location' button and then clicking on the main white canvas where you want the location to be. A dialog will pop up where you can alter the location information. Press 'Ok' and the location will be created. Placing a wall is just as simple. Click the 'Create Wall' button, then click on the canvas to define the starting point of the wall and then click again to define the end point. Alternatively, you can load one of the prebuilt maps from the 'File' menu. Check the extended help for more details.

The robots plan is initially defined to be the same order that the user placed the locations. For example, if the user placed location Alpha, then location Echo, then location Bravo, the robot will try to head towards the locations in this order: Alpha, Echo, Bravo. The plan can be changed by clicking the 'View/Modify Plan' button.

dot Solving A Problem

There are two ways to run the robot.

  1. Step through the plan one step at a time by clicking the 'Step Robot' button.
  2. Run the robot to a preset number of time intervals (set to 300 by default) by clicking the 'Run Robot' button.

When running the robot, you can stop the run by clicking the 'Stop' button. The Robot Applet will display controller logs at the bottom of the window to inform the user how the robot is planning its next step.

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